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Phood Consultancy is since 2007 working on food issues like of food safety, health and sustainability. Clients include the entire production chain from farm to retailer primarily both at home and abroad.

In the area of food safety Phood Consultancy advises international "standards" organizations like SQFI and GlobalGap.

In the Netherlands, Phood Consultancy recently developed a model of transparency that allows companies to determine, secure and make transparent values for their product, formula or organization in relation to:
- Sustainability
- Organic
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Animal welfare
- Regional

Besides consultancy Phood Consultancy is concerned with the development of new equipment for the food industry. One such development is the Q-Food Analyzer.


Q-Food Analyzer

Welkom (NL)
Welcome (EN)
Sveiki atvykÄ™ (LT)