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Transparency in food
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Transparency is increasingly important in our society. When food is this the case.A consumer wants to know what happened to his or her product happened. It may be on the field of safety, but also in other areas such as sustainability, organic, animal welfare and social responsibility.
We see more and more businesses to cater to terms on their products and stick labels or standards against which certification is late. The certification is actually a form of transparency. But often against a standard. If one wants then to a different standard, it can be tricky, because norms may conflict, simply because they serve another purpose.
We also see that sometimes claims on products that are not correct or not protected. Often this lack of knowledge of this assurance. Phood Consultancy has set up a model. The Transparency Model. Agro & Co for the Task Force and Multi-Functional Agriculture Consultancy Phood this applied to the values of Real Food Agro & Co.

Transparency Model can be used for securing various values which have as an organization, strives to communicate. Below is a visual representation of the Transparency Model. Want to learn more about the Transparency Model or the application thereof, please contact Phood Consultancy (

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